2 Nephi 21:30

June 5, 2017

Hello friends and family!

This week was a doozy hahaha. Transfers in my mission are crazy, especially in Dublin. We cover three countries so there are missionaries taking cars, busses, ferries, and planes to their new areas. I had some late nights and early mornings all this week trying to coordinate it all, but I got a new companion! His name is Elder Worley! He is 19, from California, and is alright at piano… okay fine he is flippin’ amazing at piano! I will have to send a video sometime. I’m so excited for this transfer 🙂 Also, 2 different families from America bumped into us this week on the street and took us out to ice cream and burritos! I’m so blessed haha.
Edna is going to get baptized this week! She didn’t make it to church yesterday because she had work, so we are going to work super hard this week to make sure she can be baptized. She keeps asking me, “When am I going to pick out my dress?” haha she’s great 🙂 Our friend Juliane is making great progress as well! We have been seeing her for the past 3 weeks and it has been quite frustrating hahaha. She hasn’t been reading The Book of Mormon until this week! She read ALL OF 2 NEPHI IN TWO DAYS. That’s insane. She said she felt the Spirit so strong while reading 2 Nephi 31 and feels like she needs to be baptized again. I am so excited for her 🙂
I have been thinking a lot about Nephi this week. 1 Nephi 11:16-17 And he said unto me: Knowest thou the condescension of God? And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things. Sometimes we do not know the meaning of all things. But if we follow the example of Nephi, we can find peace. Remember that God loves his children and all of our questions will be answered in time.
Have a great week! God bless!
Elder Swenson
Irish Word of the Week: Tired=Tuirseach


Elder Paul Swenson
72 Tolka Vale
Finglas Rd
Finglas South
Dublin 11
Republic of Ireland

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