Twice in White!

May 29, 2017

Hello everyone! This week was unforgettable.

Sesu got baptized on Friday! It was incredible. It was Elder McCappin’s last day and he was able to baptize her. It was an incredible day! Hari got baptized on Saturday! He was so excited. I was able to baptize him. I felt the Spirit so strong. I was also able to confirm Sesu on Sunday. This has truly been the best week of my mission. I cannot describe the joy I feel for Sesu and Hari as they start their journey in the church. Sesu bore her testimony in gospel principles about repentance. It was so cool to see how far she has come in just one short month. I love the work! Dublin is the best 🙂
Elder McCappin went home! 😦 He taught me so much and he has changed my mission. He will be back in Dublin with his parents in two weeks though so it’s ok 🙂 He will be baptizing our investigator Edna on the 10th of June! She is from Brazil and is so enthusiastic about baptism. More to come about her!
I have been up since 2am today moving missionaries! It has been insane. And I have had no time to email all day. And now I have to go pick up another missionary at the bus station to drop him off at the airport at 5am! Fun stuff 🙂
I love you all and have a great week! The Lord is truly revealing his hand in the work here in Dublin.
Elder Swenson

Elder Paul Swenson
72 Tolka Vale
Finglas Rd
Finglas South
Dublin 11
Republic of Ireland
Hari’s baptism
Paul and Hari
Hari's baptism
Sesu’s baptismSesu's baptism

One thought on “Twice in White!

  1. You are doing such great work!!! Congrats on Sesu & Hari : ) Being an instrument in the Lord’s hands is the best. I can tell that you’re on a spiritual high.

    Love you tons ❤

    ~ Jewels


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