Lovin’ Life

May 22, 2017

Hello friends!

This past week was great! The sun has been shining and it hasn’t been too cold so I can’t complain. We taught some great people. First off, Hari from Nepal! My first day in Dublin, I was going on an exchange and we had nothing planned so I texted every potential investigator and former investigator in the phone (about 600 people) and asked them if they were free to meet up that day. Hari was a potential and he didn’t respond until the Saturday. We met on Monday, May 1st and started teaching him. He is getting baptized this Saturday in Terenure! I am so excited. Second, Sesu from Nigeria! Sesu is a friend of a recent convert here in the Finglas ward. We have been teaching her for 3 weeks and she is getting baptized this Friday! These are the first 2 people on my mission that I have taught and progressed towards baptism and I will be able to be a part of it 🙂 Please pray for Hari and Sesu this week. I love the work. I love the Lord.
Elder McCappin’s last week starts now! I love him. He has taught me so much. So I will be getting a new companion next week! I love you all. Have a great week.
Elder Swenson
Irish Word of the Week: Restoration=Athchóiriú

Elder Paul Swenson
72 Tolka Vale
Finglas Rd
Finglas South
Dublin 11
Republic of Ireland

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