April 10, 2017

Hello all!

This week is moves call! On Saturday, I will find out if I’m staying in Fraserburgh or leavin! I don’t know what will happen, but you will all find out next week.
Last Monday, we were supposed to go to a castle, but Elder Richards and I ended up getting sick and were stuck in our apartment all day. So that’s fun 🙂 But we felt better on Tuesday just in time for Scotland East. It was amazing. I have missed the Spirit of missionary meetings so much. I got to see a lot of old mission and MTC buddies so I was very happy. My MTC group goes home in 2 transfers so I am freaking out haha. We ended up going to the castle today and it was awesome! It is called Slains Castle and it inspired the novel Dracula! Lots of climbing and it is right next to a cliff, so it is beautiful.
We have been working a lot with a less-active member named Gary this week. He has decided to quit drugs and smoking cold turkey. He has been reading and praying every day and finally came to church and really enjoyed it! He has such a strong testimony and is a great example of faithfully following the Lord’s example. The rest of the week, we found a lot of prepared people that I am excited to see this week.
The Church has come out with a new Easter Initiative called #PrinceofPeace. If you go to Mormon.org, you can find a video of the Savior and what He can do for us this Easter and 8 different principles of peace shown through 8 people experiences in life. It is very easy to share with your friends and they even have a way you can share pictures and the message of Easter on social media at PostPeace.org. I love you all and encourage everyone to reflect on what the Savior has done for them this week.
Till next week!
Elder Swenson

Scottish Word of the Week: Scunner = An Irritating Person


Elder Paul Swenson
51 Spylaw Road
EH10 5BP
IMG_0899Slains Castle
IMG_0905 (2)Elder Swenson and Elder Richards

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