Long Week:)

February 15, 2016
Hey everyone! I only have 5 min to write this, so it will be short. This week we had a lot of appointments with potential investigators, and they all fell through. So we GQ’d (street contacted)! There are PLENTY of people to talk to in Cork. A big city center and 3 universities! Something that I have noticed here is that people don’t understand the need for Jesus Christ. Don’t make this mistake! Jesus Christ can mean anything and everything to you if you spend the time to get to know what He did for you and who he is now. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and none of us would be here without Him. He is my best friend and big brother. Get to know Him! I love you all and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Swenson


8 Fernwood Close

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