December 7, 2015

Hola! This week was amazing! The Lord is pouring blessings on Elder Smith and me! We have taught a lot this week. The most that Elder Smith has on his entire mission, and he goes home in February. Cheryl and Clara came to church again! Cheryl is so prepared and open to the gospel. We are going to extend a baptismal invitation for her to get baptized on the 26th of December, so make sure you pray for her! We have seen Clara and Jane 2 times this week and they are so eager to learn. They have so many questions, we can’t even get through a full lesson! Haha I am glad they are trying to find out more about their Heavenly Father. Vincent is avoiding us so that stinks :/ We are working with a lot of less-active members and Nathan came to church 2 times in a row! Nathan loves to come out with us and I love him a lot.

We met a Catholic Parish priest the other day who knows our stake president (there is only one in all of Northern Ireland). He asked us about what we were doing. We told him that we dedicate 2 years to preach the gospel. I told him I was 18 and he was astonished! He said, “I can’t even get the people in my congregation to dedicate 1 hour a week! How do they get you to dedicate 2 years?! How many 18 year olds in the world are doing what you are doing?” And I have been thinking about that a lot this week. Why am I on a mission? Why did I delay my schooling? Why am I spending 2 years away from my family and friends? It seems pretty crazy if people don’t understand why I am out here. I know that the gospel can bring feelings of happiness that we cannot find in any other place in the world. The knowledge that I have of my Father in Heaven and His Son has changed my life. It would be selfish for me not to share it! I know that if we share the gospel, we can feel even more peace and happiness! I challenge everyone to share the website with one of their friends! There is a short 2 minute video that is amazing! I love you all and MerryChristmas!

Elder Smith and Paul

Elder Swenson

Appt. 92 17 Queens Square
Belfast BT1 3FF
Northern Ireland

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