Bye Bye Galashiels

November 9, 2015

Hello everybody! Please send all letters and packages to the mission office (address below) from now on because… moves call was yesterday. I am going to Cavehill in Belfast, Northern Ireland this Wednesday! I am going to be with Elder Smith (not my MTC comp) and we will be doing something called a whitewash. It is when 2 missionaries are moved into an area at the same time, so no one is familiar with where to go or where anything is. Our mission is one of the few where you can go to a different country and still be in the mission boundaries! I am really excited! But at the same time I am so sad. Elizabeth is going to get baptized on December 5th and I won’t be here for it 😦 And an elderly blind lady in the branch named Sister White passed away this week. We visited her almost every week and her funeral is this week so I won’t be able to go to that either. I am sad to leave my first area, but I am excited to see what Belfast has in store for me!

Sunday was Remembrance Day in the UK and Elder Gullion and I got to be in a parade! We got to march all through the town with a band of bagpipes playing and a bunch of military people. The church bought a wreath of poppies to put on display in town. All different kinds of churches had wreaths and were in the parade also. It was a really cool experience, minus the rain.
Today I was reading in the Book of Mormon about when Christ appeared to the Lamanites and ordained 12 apostles. 3 Nephi 12:2 says “And again, more blessed are they who shall believe in your words because that ye shall testify that ye have seen me, and that ye know that I am. Yea, blessed are they who shall believe in your words, and come down into the depths of humility and be baptized, for they shall be visited with fire and with the Holy Ghost, and shall receive a remission of their sins.” Blessed are we if we listen to the prophets and apostles today! Because I will be in Ireland, I will be able to see Elder Ballard speak to our mission on November 14th. I wouldn’t have this opportunity if I was still in Scotland. Have a good week and God bless!

Elder Swenson

51 Spylaw Road
EH10 5BP

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