September 24, 2015
Hello friends! This week has been great. Elder Stevens’ hearing is very slowly coming back. We had an amazing lesson with Daniel on Thursday. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he loved it. He really wants to come to church, but he has a bad memory. We gave him a baptismal calendar for a reminder. Sunday came and guess what? He didn’t come. We were super bummed. 10 minutes into the meeting, Kamal walks in! I almost jumped out of my trousers! (they don’t say pants in Scotland) Kamal is the grandson of Brother and Sister Anderson. He is 10 years old and is really mature and spiritual for his age. His brother got baptized 2 years ago and Kamal said that he didn’t want to at the time, because he knew he couldn’t keep the commitment of coming to church. We taught him on Thursday about the Book of Mormon and prayer. He promised us he would pray to find out if Heavenly Father is there and read a page a day. He came to church with his grandparents and loved every second of it! He said he has been praying and reading like we asked him too! I am so excited to see the progress that he makes in the gospel. Emma was too busy to meet with us this week 😦 We really want to see her because we know this church can help her!
I went on an exchange with one of my zone leaders, Elder Tang, on Friday. He is from Australia! We had a great time and did a lot of chapping. I learned so much from him about how to talk to people! It can be weird sometimes to just knock on someone’s door and ask them about their belief in God. Elder Tang is really good about being personable and finding something in common with the person before he even brings up the gospel. We talked to this lady for 20 min on her doorstep because of it! On Saturday, I tried doing the same thing with Elder Stevens. We knocked on a woman’s door named Elizabeth. It almost ended in like 20 seconds because she said she was a spiritualist and didn’t like organized religion. Then Elder Stevens started talking to her about her family and she completely opened up! We talked for 40 min about basically every trial in her life and all the questions she had about the church. She was really interested and wants us to come back! I used to hate chapping or knocking on doors, but I am beginning to love it.
If any of you haven’t heard Bill Carpenter’s or Glen Beck’s conversion stories, both of them are incredible. Bill was going to seminary to be a Catholic priest when he figured out about the church, and Glen was really rich and doing drugs when he discovered the church. They come from completely different backgrounds and I have learned so much from them. Look them up.
Thank you for all your prayers and support! I know that the Lord will bless us in ways that we don’t expect. We have to look for every opportunity to share the gospel and if we do, we will see the blessings in our lives. Everyone can be a missionary! Try it out this week. Ask one friend if they have any questions about God or the church. If they say no, then move on and be their friend still! Nothing bad will come of it. Referrals are pure gold to missionaries. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

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