Apartments are Boring

August 31, 2015

This week was a crazy one. On Tuesday, I got a call from the mission office saying I needed to come to Edinburgh THAT DAY to pick up my BRP card. So we cancelled all of our appointments and hopped on the bus. About 30 minutes out I realized I didn’t have my passport. We got off that bus, hopped on another bus home, got my passport, and hopped on ANOTHER bus back to Edinburgh. It was about a 2 hour bus ride, so I’m glad I realized it when I did. And I finally got my BRP card so I’m not getting deported! YAY! I heard my first bagpipes playing in Edinburgh! It was too late by that time to get another bus home, so we went to the Dalkieth Elders flat to stay with them for the night, Elder Hornberger (my district leader) and Elder Green.

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Glasgow! We got super lost on our way there and were an hour late. I got to see some of my MTC buddies so that was great and I learned a lot from President Donaldson and the zone leaders. When we got back to Galashiels that night, I got Kebaptized! Hahaha it is when you have your first kebab in the mission. It is basically a Greek gyro. I got a Donner kebab (lamb’s meat) and it was incredible.
Thursday we saw Emma! She is a young, single mother with a 4 year old named Mattie with Autism. Mattie was at nursery so we got to have a lesson with her. She really felt the Spirit and committed to baptism on September 19th! please pray for Emma and Daniel!
We had exchanges with the district leader on Friday. Elder Stevens didn’t feel great so he stayed with Elder Green in the flat. Elder Green has back problems and has trouble proselyting. Elder Hornberger and I had a great day and got to teach 3 less-active families! We were chapping (tracting or knocking on doors) and I heard a little, mean dog on the other side of the door. No one answered the door so we put a pass along card in the mail slot. I got my first “punch card”! It is when you put a pass along card in the mail slot, and a dog jumps up and bites a hole in it! Hahaha I put it in my journal and will send a picture when I fix my camera.
Saturday and Sunday were extremely boring. Elder Stevens had a fever of 103.8, headaches, and back pains. We had to stay in the flat (apartment) all day for 2 days. Life is really boring without a phone when you are doing nothing all day. I got to read a lot of the Book of Mormon in that time so that is good. We didn’t get to church and neither did Daniel or Emma so we were pretty bummed about that. Keep those prayers up for them! Elder Stevens’s fever is gone today, but still isn’t feeling 100%.
I keep learning to love the mission and the people more and more each day. I know that the Lord will bless our lives if we strive to be like him in everything that we do. Elder Stevens and I will get Emma and Daniel to church this week! I know it! Until next week!
Elder Swenson

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